Film & Animation


Hypnotized (lyric video)

2020. Animator, editor, band member.            

daydreams (lyric video)

2021. Cinematographer, editor, band member.


2017. Director, co-cinematographer, animator, editor, composer.            

false flag

2018. Director, writer, editor.               

The lost treasure

2019. Director, writer, cinematographer, voice actor, editor, composer.           

hinterland forest

2016. Director, co-writer, animator, voice actor, editor, composer.              

don't Get Distracted - PSA

2017. Animator.                

The filmmakers

2019. Director, co-writer, cinematographer, co-editor.               

Saved - PSA

2018. Cinematographer, editor.                

the helping hand

2018. Director, writer, cinematographer, voice actor, editor.


2019. Co-director, cinematographer, editor.

case closed

2019. Director, writer, cinematographer, editor.

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