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Film & Animation

giving to Riverview School
2022. Graphics & animation.           

Night Shift
2021. Director, cinematographer, editor.           

2021. Director, cinematographer, editor.           

apples & asteroids
2021. Director, cinematographer, editor.           


2017. Director, co-cinematographer, animator, editor, composer.            

The lost treasure

2019. Director, writer, cinematographer, voice actor, editor, composer.           

daydreams (lyric video)

2021. Cinematographer, editor, band member.

Hypnotized (lyric video)

2020. Animator, editor, band member.            

false flag

2018. Director, writer, editor.               

hinterland forest

2016. Director, co-writer, animator, voice actor, editor, composer.              

don't Get Distracted - PSA

2017. Animator.                

The filmmakers

2019. Director, co-writer, cinematographer, co-editor.               

Saved - PSA

2018. Cinematographer, editor.                

the helping hand

2018. Director, writer, cinematographer, voice actor, editor.


2019. Co-director, cinematographer, editor.

case closed

2019. Director, writer, cinematographer, editor.

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